Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome to the world, Madison Pearl Woodlief

Life has been one heck of an journey these past 4 weeks. I cannot believe that our sweet Madi is already 4 weeks old. Where did time go? And, so quickly! We love our sweet, special little girl and she is the most precious gift that we have ever received! Here is a recap of the past 4 weeks!

Meet my mom's Dad and step-mom, Nancy!

Contemplating the fact that TN got jimped out of winning the Music City Bowl...Dad was not happy, but I'm still cute!

Meet Allen. He and daddy have been friends since 4th grade!

Aunt Jenn

Peek-a-boo. i see you dad!
Jessica! Allen's beautiful wife..I can't wait to meet my future playmate, Eve. She'll be here in May! (Just in time for  Mother's Day)

Aunt Shonda's finger and my buddy!

Dad is amazing!  I loved him from the moment I was born

Mom's favorite :)

My favorite way to lie down

Daddy's Girl already
My 2 week checkup. I gained 12 ounces weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces
Moments after entering the world
Mom and dad laughed so hard when they put me in this to go home. It was WAYYY to big for me!
Mommy adores this picture. She thinks it really captures  how sweet and beautiful I am!
Dad thinks I'm pretty great!
Dad please don't change my diaper! I just hate that!
There are many moments like this in the Woodlief home.  Dad is pretty smitten with me. Can you blame him??
Mommy cried a lot whenever she saw me. She tells me all the time how much of a blessing I am to her and daddy!
This is Mr. Randy. He and dad are really good friends and football buddies. I really like this guy!
I love my car seat.

Meet mom and dad!