Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gluten free...please (maybe)

Jenn recently took part in a restoration diet where she practically ate NOTHING in order to determine what, if any, allergies she might have. Prompted by the idea, I decided that I would do it as well. I have always wondered why people are so crazed when it comes to gluten free diets. I have read MANY, many articles pertaining to gluten free lifestyles and the pros and con's associated with it (Mostly positive associations). I decided what the heck, lets give it a whirl and see if I could manage a month of gluten free/sugar free lifestyle. I am 8 days in, and I admit it might be a little premature, but I am really jumping on board and understanding why so many people prefer this lifestyle (Ask me in another 3 weeks and I might think differently!). I feel like my body has detoxed all of the funk out and I feel healthy! My body is craving less and less sugar, pasta, bread, and overall crap. Needless to say that I have more energy and I am actually having to put some creativity into cooking, which is always a positive for me since I find it be therapeutic. So far I have mainly been eating just lean proteins (turkey, pork, chicken, fish) and the occasional splurge of steak, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. So far, so good!

But....I am planning to venture out this weekend (after we get paid; gluten free is EXPENSIVE) and cook my first real gluten free dish. I think that I'll start out with some brownies or breakfast bars since that seems to be what I miss the most.

Stay tuned for the turn out! Cross my fingers and hope that it's tasty!

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