Saturday, August 13, 2011

Puffs cereal, time with Grace, and Roseola

Some here's whats going on with us this week:
- Madi has been eating big girl food! i.e. puffs (dissolveable cereal) real bananas,  and peaches. She loves it WAY more than baby food.
- We discovered Madison has an allergy to oatmeal, only proving my suspicions.
- Grace spent 3 days with us over the past 2 weeks since Ronda had inservice. We had a blast and she is such a wonderful help with Madison.
- Madi has was diagnosed with Roseola last night. According to google this is the best definition that I can give of it without writing a novel.

"Roseola is an acute disease of infants and young children in which a high fever and skin rash occur." (Accompanied with irritability, swollen lymp nodes, and runny nose. She has it all FROM HEAD TO TOE)

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  1. Just love the pictures
    Gdaddy and Nanny miss you so much